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Autumn Equinox

September 23, 2009


B helped me prep for our fall garden yesterday with her little shovel, sort seeds packets, and look for worms in the compost we added to our beds.

We packed away summer clothes and dug out our woolens. It made me a bit sentimental packing up some baby sundresses that I know she will never fit again. She likes to hear a lot of stories about when she was a little baby, or when mama was a little baby or little girl.  Oh and does she ever love to hear stories about where things came from. She  remembers the source, whether hand-me-down from a cousin, Mama’s when she was a little girl, Hlitu or Nanna made this one for me, so-and-so gave this one to me, etc.  She always adds in a “thank you, _____!” at the end of her story about how someone gave her something.  Its one of her sweet little quirks.

We are looking forward to pumpkins, sweaters, and more tea in the coming months. Not that summer stopped us from drinking tea, but we just feel more justified in our obsession now that its getting cooler. Oh, and cider. Lots of apple and pear cider in the works!

The season is changing, our baby is getting older. (ugh, and so are we. ) Happy beginning of Fall!

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  1. albert permalink
    September 24, 2009 4:12 am

    save us some of that cider:0

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