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Unusual bits of our week…

July 4, 2010

The double rainbow ring around the sun was definitely out of the ordinary. The other things are less unusual and more just samples of the daily cuteness around here. There is a lot of it lately.

After a surprise gift of paper dolls in the mail, Benecia set about creating a set of accessories. I have to be extremely careful what bits of cut up paper with writing I pick up off the floor and send to the recycling bin.  It might be a story, recipe, receipt, or lost person/kitty ad. The other day she created a lost ad for herself, which read “Benecia has lost herself” next to a self portrait. She came in to the kitchen holding it and hooting like an owl. She informed me that she, the owl, was looking for Benecia. And oh, how she really really wanted to go door to door “for reals!” and ask the neighbors if they had seen Benecia.

After a Daddy/Daughter date to our lovely local Powells Books, the two returned with a very sweet new book called The Dollhouse Fairy. The main character Rosy loves mornings with her dad, eating french toast and crafting things for her dollhouse. (cool dad, huh?) One day her dad gets sick and goes to the hospital. Nothing serious, but he’s gone for awhile. Meanwhile, Rosy is visited by a teeny garden fairy, Thistle, who is quirky and messy, and needs to convalesce in her dollhouse for awhile due to a hurt wing. Rosy tends to her and loves her, despite and because of her oddities. Daddy returns, but when Rosy goes to show him her fairy, they find that the fairy has healed and returned to her garden home. (Benecia delights in the picture of the fairy right outside the window peeking in, implying she isn’t truly gone.)

We have since been retrofitting dolls and stuffed animals with wings and fluttering them about the house. As you can see, her dollhouse received a makeover as well. (painter after my own heart.) The little dolls who lived in the house oooed and awed as the rather primary color scheme emerged. Surprisingly, no pink. Its thick and impressionistic, and the dolls just love it.

And lastly, the bird happenings. There are so many reasons I enjoy living next to Mt Tabor. The birdwatching is definitely up there. We can’t keep the bird feeders filled up fast enough. This little Northwest Flicker lives with its mate nearby, and is often bug digging in our yard and on our telephone poles. We also have a scrub jay couple with 4 adolescent young. The adults are teaching their fledglings how to catch worms and the importance of harassing and dive bombing our cat at all times. We’ve also seen some hummers sharing the flowers of our gargantuan overgrown borage plants with the bees. More garden pictures to come –

We are staying home this weekend. Maybe watching some fireworks from up on the hill. (can you really call Tabor a Mountain? I think not.) Eating, playing, enjoying being a family. (and, spoiler alert for tomorrow’s post, one of us has a new pedal bike with only two wheels and is already cruising our street unassisted! Hint, it isn’t Vince.)

Wish you all a Happy 4th of July Weekend!

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  1. Nila permalink
    July 11, 2010 11:22 pm

    I think I need a sign too! I sometimes feel like I need to find myself.

    I love paperdolls. When I was little, I used to cut them out of the Sears catalogue.

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