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June 30, 2010

This is the first time B has had bangs! Well, not counting when she was younger, before they grew long with the rest of her hair. But its the first time I’ve cut bangs for her.

Even with barrettes, her hair seemed to always be in her eyes. So one day, over oatmeal, with Daddy gone traveling for work and Mama, admittedly, a little bored, I said “Bunny, do you want bangs?”

Immediately, “Yes. I do.”

Me “right now?”

B “yes! Can I cut them?”

“How about I cut your bangs and you cut Tossys?”

*much screaming, jumping up and down and clapping*

she made it through two very large snips and that was as long as patience lasted. Luckily she is cute enough to sport mama’s uneven do very stylishly. Some days I think I could give her a mohawk and she would be adorable. Don’t worry, grandparents. Cutting her bangs was thrilling enough for everyone. Oh and yes, Tossy got some seriously short bangs as well.

And here she is, back at her porridge, business as usual.

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