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More toddler baking

May 8, 2010

They set out to bake pies, but halfway through she decided to make her dough into bread instead. She kept adding more water, more flour, more water, until it really did look like bread dough. Let it rest, shaped it, let it rest some more….Covered it with a towel and checked on it’s progress minute by minute. No loaf has ever been so babied. Baked it in her little loaf pan, and voila. A little ciabattini!

Vince finished up the pie that day – rhubarb strawberry – yum!

She’s been busying herself in her little kitchen with flour and water mixtures just about every day. It makes for a lot of paste to scrape at the end of the day. Lately she would rather hide her loaf under the rocking chair (its the other oven, apparently) than put them in the real oven, check on it, poke it from time to time.  When can mama throw away the gooey beloved doughs that are quickly accumulating under the furniture… (in baking pans of course, but still). All in all it is pretty delightful, albeit insanely messy.

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