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My fabric Manifesto for 2010

April 20, 2010

My Fabric Manifesto, 2010: Zero Material to Waste

I’ve got piles of old clothes, piles of untouched fabric, a sewing machine and a desire to learn to sew better. I don’t want to spend heaps of money on classes, fabric, or new clothes. In fact, I don’t want to spend any $ on these things this year. So here is my new goal:

1: No new fabric purchases (this was super hard last weekend, as it was the biannual sale at my favorite local boutique, Bolt. I had to exercise a little restraint, and focus instead on the mounds of fabric weighing down my shelves.

2: Mend or re-purpose, as much as it is within my ability, all old clothes. No more donating stained or holey clothes! Though serious tailoring is well beyond my ability, there are a lot of easy things that I can make out of old t-shirts, sweatshirts, dress-shirts, pants and socks. LOTS! I already have two boxes full of clothes I’ve been hoarding for this purpose. When in doubt, if I completely screw something up, I will get a bit more sewing experience, and will not have wasted anything that wasn’t already destined for the junk heap.

3: No fabric in the trash. This might be a little ridiculous, but aren’t Manifestos supposed to be a little unrealistic and grandiose? Now, I haven’t completely decided what to do about the little tiny scraps. I could hoard them till the end of 2010 and then throw them away, but that would be rather cheaterly of me. I’ve thought about shredding them up really small and using them to stuff dolls and stuffed animals. I have done this in the past, and its always ended up on the lumpy side, but I might give it another shot. Any other ideas welcome!

4: Finish old projects: Work my way through my fabric stash, and, *gasp*, actually make the things I bought the fabric for!

I started in these last few weeks. I gathered together a bunch of Vince’s old t-shirts and started cutting away. Using my grandma’s workhorse of a serger, I made: two pairs of pants and a dress for Bennie, and a dress and a pair of leggings for me. (I didn’t intend to make leggings. I just wanted to take a tuck in my 4 sizes too big but comfy sweatpants. I got a little carried away and took a much too liberal tuck. They are nice as leggings, though.) Oh, and patched some pants. So far its been a lot of fun figuring out how to serge and work with knits. More to come!

Patched Bennie’s knit pants with old t-shirt sleeves

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  1. Albert permalink
    April 20, 2010 2:40 am

    Good luck. Nila and I have a manifesto too. No more dogs!

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