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Felted cat hair easter eggs

April 7, 2010

We started making felt eggs out of wool roving for Easter. Simultaneously, our cat needed a serious brushing. Our cat is a Siberian Forest Cat, with a tremendous thick fur coat that needs brushed often to prevent mats. We collected two huge bowls of fur in one brushing. Just brushing, no trimming or clipping.  His fur is so downy soft, we decided to make an egg out of his too!

The cat-hair egg is the beige/orange one. Its softer and denser than the wool, but doesn’t have the same bounce. Some Siberians have fur that is really prone to mats in the winter when they have their dense undercoat. The matting quality makes it ideal for felting. Perhaps a cat sweater is in the future…

Felting the Eggs:

1. We wrapped the roving/cat hair loosely around plastic Easter eggs, placed them in socks and knotted the socks at the ends.

2. Submerged eggs (in socks) in boiling water

3. Tossed eggs (still in socks) into the dryer

4. Remove eggs from socks and rubbed eggs in our hands to finish felting.

Repeat steps 2-4 as necessary, until eggs felt thick and sturdy

5. Cut across eggs with exacto knife to make opening and remove plastic egg form.

6. Embroider edge

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