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our little Easter Tree

April 3, 2010

B calls it the Christmas tree. Its actually a big branch I pruned the other day. At first, Bennie dug a hole and planted it. It stayed in the ground, receiving tender toddler love, for about a week. At that point she decided “but I don’t want it to grow into a big tree. I want it to stay small.” This was good news, as she had yet to believe me that it would not really grow into a big tree there, and I was itching to plant some flowers in that very spot, but didn’t dare dig out her baby. So she happily uprooted it and invited it inside, where we packed it into our christmas tree stand (probably the cause for holiday confusion). Decorating it was completely her idea, though I was about to suggest it. Her birds were a logical choice, and more bits and pieces followed, including her wool roving and clothespins. Our weekend project is felt eggs. Perhaps they will make their way onto these branches as well.

The tree is diminishing daily. Also not a terrible thing in our small space. She treats it to regular prunings with her little scissors. She is a no-nonsense pruner. Not so sentimental and wishy-washy about each and every branch, like her mama.

Our eggs are dyed! More on them tomorrow..

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  1. Aunt Janet permalink
    April 4, 2010 1:54 am

    Absolutely cute! How fun to have days to make special just by doing something this simple. Benecia is blessed to have you for a Mama.
    Glad Easter to you all….

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