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Daily work + Toddler

March 1, 2010

Is she even technically a toddler now? Almost three…perhaps that’s a preschooler. Wow – time flies. She loves to join in with projects and work. I involve her in whatever I possibly can. Its more fun, she learns a lot, and I can actually get quite a bit done. Here are a few of the small and large projects (besides the never ending garden project, but that’s a whole other post) we’ve been working on these past few weeks.

The picture above is coat one of paint on a previously rather stained wall. We used non-toxic casein based paint, from Bioshield. Working with this paint takes some getting used to. It comes in powder form, ready to be mixed. It is fairly odorless, and goes on much darker than the color ends up. Its a bit unnerving. It takes 2-3 coats, depending on how thickly you apply the coats, and it doesn’t spread the same way other house paints do. I’m a big fan, though. Its non-toxic (No VOC at all), and after several coats, the finish is a rich and velvety. In case you are curious, this color turned out to be a light tan when we finished.

She loves tools – and we have ample opportunity to use real ones for real fixing.

More milk paint. This color is “Mandarin”, also from Bioshield. We painted our white cricket table with this one –

Writing a birthday card for her friend who turned three this week. This was a long, meticulous process.

After much painting, Bennie decided we needed wet paint signs. She dug through the recycling for some materials, and placed signs all over the house. It reads “Wet Paint”. (And “there is tape in every direction. Like a star” she explained.)

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  1. Nila Rinehart permalink
    March 6, 2010 1:42 am

    Bene needs to come to our house to help us with our chores too! She’s looking so grown up these days! Wow! And “wet paint!”

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