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Bennie’s DIY camera

February 20, 2010

Bennie put together this tinker-toy camera today –

Her explanation included the “stander”, handles, a hole to look through, and a button to push. Then when you turn it around, you can see the picture.

She proceeded to take everyone’s picture. Many babies were arranged and rearranged.

The camera came apart after each picture, due to its rather tall spindly tripod. This was not a point of frustration, however. It was probably the highlight of the whole play.

Bennie: “Tell the dolls that it broke, but its OK. Because I’m the photographer, so I know how to put it back together. The camera has a lot of parts, but I know how ALL the parts work.”

She was a little concerned when I wanted to take a picture of her taking a picture, because…SHE was the photographer here. Then I told her I would show her the pictures I took of her camera, and that seemed to suffice.

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