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sweater recycled into wool pants

January 24, 2010

Finished these yesterday – they were, well, a learning experience. I used a pair of Bennie’s pants as a rough pattern, though accurately tracing the inseam without taking the “pattern pants” apart was a bit tricky. The felted sweater sleeves I used weren’t very long, so it meant either short pants or adding some fabric on top or bottom to lengthen. My inseam ended up a bit too short anyway, so I added some flannel on top for a waistband, adding about 1″. Just right.

This pair was the first child, so to speak. Im really enjoying sewing this way; just winging it and learning as I go. I didn’t make a tutorial, but I found a good one here at Green Kitchen.

Though I couldn’t get B still enough for a picture, they actually fit her! hooray! Now, how to make them in my size….

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