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Under the weather

January 20, 2010

We’ve all been a bit sick this past week.  The upside is lots of tea, glorious tea! I make my morning herbal respiratory blend tea, and make the little one a diluted cup with honey.

Looking on the bright side, all the saturated home time has led to some new found fun:

*Steamy bathroom plus water color pencils and paint brushes in the bath tub. and a turkey baster to spray the words away.

*Paperdolls (in lieu of expending my own energy, of which there was little, we googled paperdolls and sifted through till we found a cute little bunny. Bennie named him Shooby, colored him purple, and spent a good deal of time cutting out paper bits for him to eat and wear and so forth.) I also came across retro Betsy McCall paperdolls here.

*Maps –  She loves google earth. Ok, who doesn’t. My husband gets to use it for work, so she sees him on it often. We go “visit” places on google earth and then pretend we are there. Another favorite game is pointing out where people live on her globe beach ball from her great grandma. It goes hand in hand with the “Children Just Like Me” books, which have interviews with kids from around the world.

Admittedly, most of B’s time has been spent laying on the floor like a zombie, and most of my time has been spent trying to find a new interesting way to get her to eat just a little something each day. Basically, new ways of presenting broth.  So far we’ve had: Chicken soup, Au Jous, egg drop soup, quinoa cooked in broth, and just broth.

Wishing you all good health –

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  1. January 20, 2010 8:01 pm


    don’t forget to do magic socks! they ARE magical!

    they always work for us, get better soon!

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