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Pretend play – “Fabric Store”

January 8, 2010

Its fun how most of Bennie’s experiences and encounters become part of her pretend play. When Jori-Lann, our cat, got lost B wanted to pretend we were passing out flyers to neighbors. Although that part of the story never happened, she really wanted it to have happened, and in fact mentioned she wanted J.L. to get lost again “so we could pass out flyers this time.”

Her recent play has included some of the following:  “meat counter man”, “cashier”, “mechanic”, “fisherman”, “farmer”, “mailing herself to the grandparents”, “chiropractor”, “kitties”, and “barista”. Funny to see what our lives look like from her point of view; what she is noticing, what is making an impression.

Her latest fascination is the fabric store. Can you blame her? We went to the Mill End Store with aunt Ingrid, and wow – what a place. Apparently it hosts the biggest display of fabric in America. It was definitely big, but not crowded or overwhelming. Bennie was especially entranced with the woman measuring, cutting and labeling our yards and yards of material. She asked her what she was doing, and if she was the cashier. This wonderful woman replied, “No, its my job to measure and cut and label. The cashier is at a different counter, sort of like at the grocery store where they weigh your things in one area, then you pay in another area.” You might recall that one of B’s favorite pretend games is meat counter man, in which our bacon is weighed and labeled, and in which we are then told that no, this is not the place to pay, you need to go to the cashier to pay for your meat. In other words, this woman’s explanation couldn’t have been more perfect.

The minute we returned home, Bennie hunted down my stash of fabric swatches in order to measure and cut them, and most importantly, staple labels onto them. Oh yes, and direct me, her customer, to the part of the store that had the soft, furry fabric. To make jammies. For my daughter. 🙂

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