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The way things work

December 20, 2009

(Sewing a pillow with Auntie Ingrid.)

(Fixing bikes and strollers. Don’t know how we manage to get so many flat tires around here, but we are always fixing them. Our girl sure loves tools.)

(B has her own basket of knitting paraphernalia, with which she makes all kinds of things. Last week she created a “wedding dress” for herself, which consisted of a naked toddler with one piece of yarn tied around her middle.)

(B “drove” while I took my time cleaning the car)

These days we’ve been focusing less and less on toys, and more on just involving Bennie in our real life work. She’s more interested in real life tools than toys, plus she learns a ton and we get more done.

When she was asking over and over to see where the water went when it went down the sink drain, I told her it went through the pipes, which went underground and to the river. She was frustrated that she couldn’t see the process, but serendipitously (otherwise not at all a serendipitous event, but glass-half full here) our sink was clogged, so she got to help daddy take it apart and unclog it. And see inside the pipes! She was so excited. I didn’t have pictures of this beautiful event, but I shared some other recent events instead. 🙂

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