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Persimmon Nut Bread

December 16, 2009

I basically used a banana bread recipe and subbed ripe persimmon mash for the bananas. Added some dried cranberries and some walnuts, lots of cinnamon and nutmeg and a touch of cloves, coconut oil instead of vegetable oil and voila.

I absolutely love persimmons. We were lucky to get in touch with a grower this year and get a great bulk deal. We stock up for the winter, as they keep very well for several months if you’re lucky. Im especially fond of the small Fuyus for eating, firm or soft, though we also love the Hachiyas, especially for holiday baking. Persimmon cheesecake, persimmon pudding, and more persimmon pudding.

The smaller, squatter Fuyus are great eaten when they are hard or soft. The Hachiyas, larger and acorn shaped, are an astringent variety, meaning they are good ONLY when they are very ripe and feel like a water balloon. Eating them any earlier will give you a funny dry mouth feeling. In my experience, they keep very well in a cool room or storage cellar, not stacked or touching, and with a little ventilation.

If we ever have too many ripen at once and cant quite eat them all or bake them all, we puree them and freeze the mash. They make amazing smoothies come warmer weather! I like to mix the frozen puree with full fat coconut milk and bananas or cherries for a decadent calorie laden smoothie. Mmm!

Hope you are all enjoying tasty holiday food!

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