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Decking the Halls

December 15, 2009

We love our growing collection of hand-me-down ornaments. B’s favorite are the birds. We have been busy making them nests filled with string and stuffing and bits of things. There are also a few little squirrels and chipmunks hiding in the branches, some sweet little wool finger puppets, and of course, our cat.

We are lucky enough to have a holly bush in our front yard and a big forested city park at the end of our street, complete with oodles of fallen pine boughs. We don’t have snow around here yet, but have been busy with christmas baking, decorating, painting homemade wrapping paper in the nude (dont worry, just Benecia), and eating loads of persimmons. Oh, and drinking cocoa. B equates it with going outside. Though its been exceptionally chilly, she asks:

B: “Can we go outside?”

Me: “you want to go outside?”

B: “no, i just want to come back in and have cocoa.”

Nothing like the honesty of a toddler.

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