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Daddy – Daughter Dates

December 3, 2009

Now that we are close to Portland’s local coffee roasters (Stumptown Coffee), Daddy – Daughter mid-day coffee dates have become a little ritual around here.

B likes to get a pumpkin scone and milk or water with a straw, and Vince savors his tiny little Macchiato with absurd glee, and together they sit and people watch, or read a book together.

These pictures are actually from a cooperative bakery in Astoria, Blue Scorcher Bakery, which had delicious baked goods and a sweet little play area, (which is where B was while I was taking pictures) and the yellow walls!  The bakery, as well as the Fort George Brewery, are built on the site of the original Fort of Astoria. Had all that old-building ambiance.

Lately B has taken to pretending she is the barista (“Bee-sta”) in her little kitchen.

It goes a little like this:

Me: “I’d like a macchiato for myself and a scone for my daughter and I to share.”

B: “Ok, a macchiata for you and a scone for your daughter.  What kind of scone would you like for your daughter?”

Me: “What kind of scones do you have?”

B: “lolly pop (translates to lemon-p0ppyseed) scones”

Me: “Ok, Ill take one of those.”

B: “But your daughter doesn’t like that kind of scone”

Me: “Ok, what other kinds do you have?”

B: “Just lolly-pop scones.”

Me: “I guess Ill take one of those then.”

B: “No, your daughter doesn’t want that kind.”


As you can see, its a lose-lose scenario for me, as my thoughtful barista wont allow me to purchase the unfavored flavor… and around and around we go. Sometimes there’s an additional twist to the story:

B: “Oh, we also have blueberry.”

Me: “Oh good, Ill take a blueberry scone then”


B: “No, actually we are out of blueberry today.”

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