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Toddler games

November 11, 2009

June 2009 155“Daddy Gym”

“Tumble-Sense” – (Tumble Cents?) A game where we collect the daily junk mail, spread it out over our couch, then run from the kitchen into the living room to jump on the couch.

“Two pillow A-boing-a.” – A game where we put the pillows on the couch, get a running start and boing onto them. (Totally different from Tumble-Sense.)

“Daddy Gym”: Where Daddy acts as a jungle gym, performing various stunts which cause mama to leave the room or at least cover her eyes. Toddler Usage: “Daddy, lets go outside and throw the baby around!”

“Skooch Hosey”: A game in which Daddy covers his glasses with a hankerchief and goes searching for Benecia.

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