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First Dentist visit

October 16, 2009

FacePaintOct09 001

As we have been practicing Daddy dentist for many months now, Benecia was beside herself with excitement when the time came to go to the real dentist. Dr Pike is a well known pediactric dentist here, and he and his staff are fabulous with kids. B got a full cleaning, fed some hampsters, and picked out a new toothbrush and floss. She cant wait to go back. It has definitely helped to have the pretend play every night. In addition, the office sent out a coloring book for B weeks ahead which tells a story about what will happen at the dentist. She read it constantly at home, and was eager to see the waiting room, the dental tools and the animals when we arrived. The staff believes in building trust so that kids develop good feelings about dental care. It probably helped that she was already eager and not afraid to begin with, but for kids that are, they seem to go out of their way to re-establish a child’s feeling of security at the dentist. The treatment rooms are open so the kids can see one another. Dr Pike led her through the treatment room slowly so she could see the other kids getting treated. Then over to feed the hampsters and meet the assistant Liz, (who immediately became her buddy) pick out a new toothbrush, then on to treatment. Brushing, flossing, hi-fives, polishing, giggling. I just hung back out of the way and watched. She can’t wait for her next checkup in 6 months!

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