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Face Painting with watercolor pencils

October 15, 2009

FacePaintOct09 026

FacePaintOct09 030

FacePaintOct09 016

The Face painting obsession continues. Benecia has daily face painting sessions now. She paints her own face (and whole body), she paints my face, I paint her face, Daddy consents to a small arm tattoo. As long as I remember to glance in the mirror before I go anywhere, I dont mind. Watercolor pencils are perfect! We’ve tried normal face paints (horrible rashes all around) and Lyra brand face paint pencils (spendy, and dont last long before they need sharpened, but they are too soft to sharpen). Bennie tries out everything on her face, so voila, we discovered watercolors are perfect face paints. Cheap, washable, easy and fun to use, non-toxic.

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  1. October 20, 2009 11:42 pm

    I’ve had some great luck with Mehron AQ water based face paint. It ain’t cheap, but it is pretty great on my skin at least. It washes really well too. It is more like using water color cups than pencils, so it’d be upgrading her to brushes…

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