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Friends of the Library Book Sale

October 14, 2009

Bennie and I had an evening date at the Friends of the Library Fall Used Book Sale last Friday. It took place in a warehouse on Sandy Blvd, and when we showed up 10 minutes early the line of professional and amateur book hunters was already wrapping around the building. I was quite possibly the only person there with a child. Many people had rolling carts or luggage, others came equipped with hand trucks and empty boxes. We pushed along the floor (with lots of “choo choo-ing”) through the children’s section. We browsed the old books section too, but it was pretty serious business there. So serious that the sale had banned customers from using any phones or electronic devices to look up book pricing. The sale ran from Friday through Monday, with a members only sale the first night and a 1/2 off sale the last day. B and I loaded up a box with children’s books – some classic, some new. I did a lot of judging books by their covers, because it was survival of the fittest in there. I shared a few of our favorites below. They have a Spring Sale too. I can’t wait for more of the madness.

Lets Eat

Lets Eat!

by Ana Zamorano

(The illustrations are beautiful, the story revolves around family and food. One of my new favorites)



by Alison Lester

(Two children imagine themselves in different ecosystems, co-habitating with the animals in each. “Imagine if we were crossing the icecap, where penguins toboggan and arctic hares dash, where caribou snort and killer whales crash…”)


G is for Goat

By Patricia Polacco

(Alphabet verses about goats and their antics. Sweetly illustrated with delightful rhyming text.)

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