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There will be Time

October 13, 2009
(This picture was taken a whole two shoe sizes ago! Time flies indeed.)

(This picture was taken a whole two shoe sizes ago! Time flies indeed.)


IMG_1460 Lately I’ve been thinking a great deal about how quickly Bennie is growing up, and truly wanting to live in the moment and enjoy my days with her. She was about 2 when these pictures were taken. She has taken to calling me her “pretty little mama” lately, as well as transposing my name into lovey-songs. She plays games with her made-up friends, Jori-Lann, Beng-Dong, Jode, and others, and likes to pretend her name is “Say-Yay”. Throughout the day she decides I may be her mama turtle, bear, cat, bird, bat, pumpkin, orange, toast, you name it, and she, of course, plays the part of my baby. (I drew the line at mama and baby poop, though.)

She brings me such joy –

There Will Be Time

by Peggy O’Mara

There is time still

for sitting in cafes

in Paris

sipping wine.

Time still

for going to meet

the guru.

There is time still.

Now I am caring for eternity.

Carrying bodies soft with sleep

to beds of flowered

quilts and pillows.

Answering cries

deep out of nighttime fears.

Buckling shoes.

Opening doors.


My soul now is dwelling

in the house of tomorrow.

Tomorrow there will be time

for long leisurely conversations,

for poems to write,

and dances to perform.

Time still.

So I surrender now

to them and this,

knowing it is they

who will teach me

how to do it all.

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