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Pumpkin Patch

October 12, 2009

PumpkinPatchOct09 006

PumpkinPatchOct09 007

PumpkinPatchOct09 013

PumpkinPatchOct09 015

PumpkinPatchOct09 017

PumpkinPatchOct09 026

We headed east in search of pumpkins today. While we were out pumpkin hunting, we also found a sunflower maze, a bounty of farm animals, an older girl who befriended Bennie, and of course, face painting. I tell you, it seems to follow us wherever we go. The drive out to Estacada was gorgeous, with the hwy running parallel to the Clackamas river and all the bright gold leaves of fall. B made a game of screaming every time she spotted a horse. Or a tractor. Or any other form of moving rural life. Vince and I screamed when we spotted an old airstream trailer for sale. The excitement was spawned by this article I found in Dwell. It makes airstreams look particularly attractive, I must say. We are happily settled, though we do still fantasize about the wild, nomadic, cheap, off-the-radar and off-the-grid life.

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