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Bedtime Books

September 26, 2009

Benecia being a baby owl. What? There's no baby owl in owl moon? Of course there is.

Benecia as a baby owl. What? There's no baby owl in Owl Moon? Of course there is.

I enjoy childrens’ books so much. I have always fantasized about being a childrens’ book illustrator, but am currently more than content to have a chubby little toddler to enjoy them with. Of course, we enjoy some of the classics like Goodnight Moon, and its been a joy to read her my childhood favorites; ones I have rediscovered, as well as ones my parents had in storage. I do enjoy discovering new books I’ve never read before. How fun it was  to add Vince’s childhood books to the mix after our last trip to Alaska. One of them is B’s current favorite bedtime book.


Owl Moon

by: Jane Yolen

This was one of Vince’s childhood books, and Benecia’s current favorite. “It was late one winter night, long past my bedtime, when Pa and I went owling.” Its a charming story of a young girls first time looking for owls in the woods near her farm home. As her father mimics the call of the Great Horned Owl she covers her mouth with her mittens, hushed and hoping. B loves the poetic rhythm, finding the different animals hiding along the way, and the anticipation as Pa calls for the owl.



by: Jan Ormerod

Its time for bed, but this little girl is not quite ready. We have read this one often at the library. Its a text less narrative, but there is so much to talk about in this beautifully illustrated story as the little girl scrapes a boat out of her dinner cantaloupe and floats it in her bath, says goodnight to her dollies, etc. Benecia is fascinated with this little girl, who is more in her own toddler world than purposefully procrastinating.  This book originally came out in 1982, and I am so glad they decided to reprint it. The twin sister to this book is Sunshine, all about the morning routine, and equally delightful.


Goodnight Gorilla

by: Peggy Rathmann

The zookeeper is making his evening rounds, saying “goodnight” to all the animals, but his gorilla has other plans. A small parade of animals follows the zookeeper home and settle in for the night in his bedroom. The lights turn off and a chorus of animals echo the wife’s “goodnight”, much to her surprise (and B’s delight). She ends up taking them all back to bed at the zoo, which happens to be right across the green. (I sort of want to live there – every time I see the picture of a cluster of cute houses huddled in trees next to a grassy field I think of my dream community, but anyway). Bennie especially likes the mouse who drags around his banana on a string. She giggles when he falls into the bedside table drawer with his banana in tow. A cute and amusing book.


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  1. erin permalink
    October 2, 2009 4:19 am

    can you talk to adrien about this for me? he won’t read anything but train books right now and it’s making me nuts!

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