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Canning Tuna and Salmon

September 6, 2009

While we were at the beach, the fresh (and cheap) fish in Garibaldi were too much to pass up, so we picked up a tuna and a salmon to can. I used my grandma’s pressure canner for the first time and, well,  nothing exploded. Just one can didn’t seal – so, alas, we were forced to eat it. I raw packed the fish (meaning I didn’t cook it before canning. This is safe because the pressure causes the temperature to rise high enough to kill all bacteria.) and added only very simple ingredients, since we love the unadulterated flavor of fish.

Each pint jar was packed to within 1″ from the top with 1 or 2 fillets of salmon/tuna, a 1/4 tsp of salt and 2 Tbsp of fish juice or water when we ran out of juice. You can also use oil instead of water/juice.  The skins were left on and faced towards the walls of the jar. We processed the jars in  the pressure canner at 11lbs of pressure for 1 hr 40 minutes.  Here’s a link to some excellent detailed instructions.

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  1. Nila permalink
    September 22, 2009 5:13 am

    Good job guys! When Albert and I can salmon we use the Alaska Cooperative Extension service instructions. We call the plain canned salmon, “fresh pack.” I have an awesome salmon cake recipe:

    Use canned salmon. Add chopped onions, chopped parsley, an egg, dijon mustard, mayo (optional, you can just add a little oil in lieu of mayo), salt, pepper, old bay or other favorite seafood seasoning (optional), and coat with bread crumbs (not too much; you can also add a little bit of the breadcrumbs to the mix to help hold it together). Mix together. Make into patties (equal sizes). Fry in oil until lightly browned.

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