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Portland Summer Concerts

August 18, 2009

The Portland Neighborhood Concert series has come to an end. I managed to forget my camera every single time, so no pictures to share, but these were some great evenings. Here’s what we made it out to:

Portland Festival Symphony. Twice. Bennie talked a lot about the violins and how uncle Laine played violin with her when we visited. Oh, and the last time we went she chose the spot way way up the hill in the back “so they can see us better.”

Portland Taiko (Asian American drumming) and Mizu Desierto Butoh Theatre. We got rained on for this one, so it was a small, wet, umbrella packing, diehard portland kindof crowd. One of the pieces involved pulling mud out of suitcases and smearing their bodies with it, which led to slipping and sliding on the wet stage. A fun show. The drummers performed under tents and were so worth every bit of the rain. The kids in the audience went crazy for this one, running around, interpretive dancing and having their daddies throw them in the air.

Oregon Ballet Theatre and the Portland Cello Project. Another great show, but so packed. We invited some friends for dinner, but there was hardly enough room to sit, let alone eat. As expected, the crowd was peppered with aspiring young ballerinas. Bennie kept asking “Where’s my ballet shoes?” and “No, I want to dance ballet up there with them.” She has since been spinning in slow circles with her arms out. “Dance a ballet!”.  Portland Cello Project was surprising. I guess when I thought cello orchestra I wasn’t expecting the lively show we received. Here’s a video of Brian Perez (who leads a local karaoke night every Wednesday at The Woods in Sellwood) performing “One More Try” with the PCP.  Apparently, many women were, to quote the PCP, “offering him their wombs” at his previous performance at the Doug Fir. Watch this man sing and you’ll understand.

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