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August – our month in pictures

August 31, 2010

Its been a busy busy month. Lots of camping, eating, and spending time with friends and family. Hope you are all enjoying the last bits of Summer –

Not to be a humbug, but I am excited that my favorite season is right around the corner! (and my anniversary is tomorrow, and on Wednesday Vince officially exits his 20’s. A busy pie filled week is in store!)

A few of B’s sweet gatherings..


Adventures of our pet mole and pigeon

August 6, 2010

Jori-Lann (fierce hunting machine that he is) brought a live mole into the house tonight to feed us poor helpless humans.
He dropped it on the floor and it scurried under Bennie’s kitchen. Well, paddled, rather. those legs are so funny – not really made for running, mostly for digging. so cute!!! He scampered around the living room, squeaking loudly whenever he bumped into furniture, until we finally caught him in a paper sack. Just a poor squeaky baby mole.

Much to the dismay of our cat and garden, we returned our baby mole to the very deep mole hole in our front yard. Our tender-hearted girl was delighted, and has been asking for a mole pet “to keep our cat company” ever since.

On another cat-hunting note, a baby pigeon found its way into our house not long after. Whether it flew in an open window or Jori-Lann brought it in, we aren’t sure. We found it huddling in a dark corner of our bedroom, very still. I left the window open for it to fly out on its own, and closed the bedroom door to keep our cat out. However, every time B and I went in to check on our pigeon, it was still in the corner and Jori-Lann had yet again come in through the open window and was laying on the bed purring. (Oddly, not really bothering the pigeon. Just hanging out. He’s a lover, really.) Finally I scooped up the pigeon and B and I set it free out the window.

There is little more delightful to a little girl than rescuing a helpless animal in need. Our cat is really enriching our lives. 🙂

Lemonade Stand

August 5, 2010

Note the sign, labeling spilled juice marks as examples!

This was a few weeks ago, on an especially sunny day. Bennie and her neighbor-girl gang really hustled, biking and scootering up and down the street calling to all the neighbors and dog walkers. In their busy afternoon they made $15, at their sliding scale of  “free – .50cents a cup”.

Then the juice and cups started running low, (due to their frequent tasting of their own wares). The new policy became  asking that their customers to drink their juice there and return their cups for washing.  They also started seriously watering down their juice. And telling people their juice was watered down.

I overheard them telling customers, “There was a fly in the juice, but we fished it out. Don’t tell anyone.”

Their sweet honesty garnered them a few repeat customers, though, including the man collecting cans, and a few neighbor dogs.

Garden bits

August 5, 2010

Though I’ve been loving the cool/wet summer, I know I’m in the minority. Everyone I talk to has been longing for more sun, and our crops have been equally mopey, with the exception of the broccoli, lettuces and dark leafy greens.

The blackberry bushes are, of course, still thriving as well.

More Sunday Parkways!

July 21, 2010

Woo Hoo! I love Sunday Parkways, aka, “bike parades”. We went to the outer SE one last weekend. Another mild sunburn for me, but otherwise a good time was had all around. I was once again pulling the red support wagon while Vince chased Benecia, this time on her pedal bike.

Break at the park for hula hooping, face painting and a bit of live music, then off again. When the Parkways ended at 3 we met some friends for our Sunday Potluck Dinner Club in one of the parks on the route.

Its such a joy to bike at these events and not have to worry about cars. Here I go, pining again for a little bit of old Europe (perhaps minus the bumpy cobblestone, but narrow streets and pedestrian zones would be nice!).

Cafe au Play opens!

July 21, 2010

Cafe Au Play had their grand opening, just down the street from us! Its an old drive thru mini mart style building, renovated to be a family centered Cafe and community commons. Joe Bikes was there, testing out their cargo bikes and organizing a little bike parade for kids. Llamas to pet, live music, food vendors, hula hoops, face painting and more.

Alas, no camera on hand.

Looking forward to having them in the neighborhood.

Concerts in the Parks

July 21, 2010

Every summer I find myself sifting through lists and lists of free events and series around Portland and making myself a calendar full of potential things to do each day.

The Concerts in the Park series is something I look forward to every summer. Due to earlier bedtime, we don’t make it to nearly as many as I would like to. Every Tuesday evening (tonight!) at 6:30 there is a concert right up the hill (oh, but what a hill) in Mt Tabor Park. They also have a pre-concert craft time for kids at 6pm. We made it last week, and might just make it tonight….. Melao de Cuba, salsa party! Sounds like a fun one.

The other series I’m looking forward to is the Washington Park Summer Festival in August. If we only make it to one concert up there this summer, I want to see Do Jump on Aug 13th. Physical Theater and acrobatics. They even offer camps and classes for aspiring acrobats, babies on up! Add it to the list of amazing classes for kids in Portland. This city is a homeschooler’s paradise.

Off to eat some shrimp gumbo, thanks to our Cooking Co-op, then maybe head up the hill…